Premium Leather Collection

Our Premium leather collection are chrome tanned leather. Chrome tanning uses a solution of chemicals, acids and salts to dye the hide.  It is the most common method and largely automated. It can be completed typically in a matter of days, making this method quicker and cheaper.

The final leather is a very soft and supple. One of the biggest benefit to chrome tanning leather is that it makes it possible to create leather in a much wider variety of colors. As well as being water resistance, and have a high heat endurance.

U.S Sewn Collection

Our U.S sewn collection features Italian sourced leathers that are sewn in the USA. The eco-friendly vegetable tanning process that is used in our products also enhances the unique aroma of leather.

Tanning is the process that turns animal hides into leather

Tanning it increases durability and prevents rot. A traditional form of tanning uses a solution of vegetable tannins (usually from trees such as oak or chestnut) to displace water from the collagen in hides. The process, known as vegetable tanning, is time-consuming and requires a skilled craftsperson — but the resulting leather maintains a natural hue that will develop a unique patina with use.

You need vegetable tanned leather

When you smell vegetable tanned leather, you are reminded of smelling a good wine. The wonderful aromas come from the natural tannins that replace chrome in the tanning process. This is the old way of making leather.

Vegetable tanned leather has longer durability

Vegetable tanned leather lasts much longer than chrome tanned leather. As a matter of fact, you will notice that it will seem new, even after several years. Keep in mind that vegetable tanned leathers will maintain a natural hue that will develop a patina unique to you

Patience is key for quality

The reason why vegetable tanned leather is more expensive than chrome tanned leather is that it takes longer time to make. The natural chemicals are not as effective as the heavy metals, thus taking longer time. A longer process means a more expensive product.




July 18, 2019 — Nha Vo