Choosing the Perfect Fit

We've created our sizing guide to help you easily determine the right band for you.



Our watch bands are compatible with all Apple watch series. Your watch model determines the band size.

Your model number can be found on the back of your watch or in the iPhone Watch app by going to

Settings > General > About > Model.

Check table below for correct band width for case size

How to find


Method 1: Simply measure the space between the two lugs with a ruler, to get your strap size in millimeters. This is where the watch band attaches to the watch.

Method 2: Check our list below and reference the style and size to get your band width. You can also check the back of your watch to see style and size of your watch.

Method 3: Look up your watch brand & style on Google to check what size strap it is.

We offer watch bands in 20mm & 22mm



Measure your wrist by using a cloth tape measure. Alternatively, wrap a string around your wrist and mark where the string meets itself. Then lay it flat next to a ruler and measure the end to your mark.

SMALL LENGTH:For wrist sizes 5.5" to 7"
LARGE LENGTH:For wrist sizes 6.5" to 8"

How to install

Quick Change Bands

To remove or attach the band, find the lever behind the strap and simply slide lever with your finger.

identify Generation

AIRPODS or buds Case

Airpods : Check setting app, under bluetooth or the bottom side of the lid of AirPods to find the model number.

Galaxy Buds : Check Samsung Galaxy Buds Serial and Model Number via Galaxy Wearable or underside of the charging case.

Search the model online to identify the exact generation.